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5 Steps to Prepare for a Successful Trade Show Exhibition

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Face-to-face marketing at the trade show is a powerful force that can bring you a lot of new customers and establish long-term relationships with your brand. If you are thinking about exhibiting there is a lot of planning ahead of you to transform an empty space into an exhilarating environment where you can connect with your existing and potential customers.

Here is what you should do in 5 few easy steps:

  1. Do your research and set clear goals for your trade show

You need to choose the trade show that will give your business the best ROI in terms of goals. Always choose a trade show that best targets the audience that you want to reach, and best suits your participation goals. Evaluate carefully the show’s audience and objectives. Think about what you want to get out of it? How many customers? Number of new contact details? Set clear goals for your staff who will be representing your company.

  1. Book your booth wisely

Find out everything about the space you are about to book. Where is it located on a floor plan? Who is exhibiting nearby? Is it a high traffic area? Do you need to build your own booth? Does it have lighting? Etc.

  1. Start your advertising early

Put the word out everywhere you can that you are participating in the show. Invite your customers, suppliers and contractors to join you if possible. Advertise on all your social media and website. Make sure that you are listed as an exhibitor on the show’s website as soon as you book your booth.

  1. Think about your presentation

Choose your staff wisely. Make sure that everyone who is representing your company is well prepared for a long day ahead. Practice your presentation and sales pitch. Order uniforms that clearly show your company’s logo. You may also want to think about ordering personalised free gifts for show’s visitors such as goody bags, pens or pen drives. Your presentation is the most important part of the show. It’s all about first impression after all.

  1. Follow up promptly

Remember that you need to follow up with contacts and leads you made during the trade show as soon as possible. The faster you send them out, the more your business will stand out from the rest.


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