MEDISEPT Velodes gel for anti-viral surgical disinfection of hands

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Velodes® Gel is a solution ready for use to be applied on hands as an alcoholic disinfectant for hygienic and surgical use. Exposure time from 30 seconds. Contains gliceryne that keeps the skin moist, has neutral pH and a good skin tolerance. The product has a prolonged 3-hour surgical disinfection effect.  Dermatologically tested.

Directions for use:
Hygienic hand disinfection (according to EN 1500): 2 x 3 ml of the product to be rubbed in hands for 30 seconds.
Surgical hand disinfection (according to EN 12791): 2 x 3 ml of the product to be rubbed in clean and dry hands for 180 seconds. Keep hands equally moistured by adding more liquid. The product also has a prolonged 3-hour surgical disinfection effect. Read technical sheet before application. The product dedicated for professional use.

Active ingredients:
Propan-2-ol, chlorhexidine gluconate

Packing unit:
500 ml bottle

Application references: Ready to use, alcohol based product designed for hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands. It has wide and confirmed disinfecting properties against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and some viruses. It deactivates viruses such as Corona, HIV, HBV, HCV, Influenza type A, Herpes, SARS, Ebola. It also deactivates Rota virus.

Effectiveness EN 14885 Time
Bacteria (including MRSA) EN 13727 30 sek.
Fungi (C. albicans) EN 1275 30 sek.
Mycobacteria (M. terrae) EN 14348 30 sek.
Enveloped viruses (Corona, HBV, HIV, HCV, Vaccinia, BVDV, Ebola, wirus grypy, Herpes simplex) EN 14476 30 sek.
Rota virus EN 14476 45 sek.

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